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The GENTEX® brand has become a leader in fixed wing aviator helmets, helicopter helmets and jet pilot helmets. All GENTEX® flight helmets are functional and adaptable. Whether you are looking for a U.S. Air Force grade fixed wing helmets or helmet systems that can offer multi-platform use within the Army, Coast Guard, Law Enforcement and/or civilian rotary aircrafts, GENTEX® is the brand for you.

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GENTEX® Helicopter Helmets View our Selection


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Superior Protection and comfort in a Lightweight design


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Developed by GENTEX® for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.


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Used by the U.S. Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and by the Marine Corps.

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About Gibson & Barnes

In the last 30 years we have outfitted more pilots, police officers, and EMS personnel than anyone else.

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GENTEX® Fixed Wing Helmets View our Selection


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Designed for the high-g combat environment of the AF F-15 & F-16.


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Identical to the standard HGU-55, but with a protective visor assembly.


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Designed to meet the requirements in a high-g environment.


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Designed for Navy F-14 and F-18 fighters' high-g environment.

Custom Paint and Color Match Learn More

We use DuPont Chromacolor paints and can match any color.
Custom painting includes a primer coat, color coat, two clear coats, and your name under the clear coat on the back of the helmet. All finishes are gloss except military grey and olive, which are flat. Learn More

Custom Art & Design Learn More

Working with pen & ink, air brush, mask & paint, and computer graphics, our artists create art that illustrates your individuality or identifies your organization. We create logos, squadron patches, wings and other designs in multi-media art that is embedded in a clear coat paint so it remains beautiful and expressive for years. Learn More

Helmet Repair & Refurbishment Learn More

When all those years of use are beginning to show on your helmet, you can send it in for a complete refurbishment. First, we'll inspect it with a 22-point checklist. Then we'll let you know the cost to bring it into like new condition.

You can choose to replace worn-out and non-functioning parts or choose a complete refurbishment. With your approval, we'll sand and repaint your helmet, replace the edge roll and other helmet and communications parts. If you decide not to have your helmet refurbished, we'll ship it back to you and you owe nothing except the cost of shipping. Learn More

GENTEX® Pilot Helmets

GENTEX® Pilot helmets are the top choice of aircraft and helicopter pilots across the US. Gibson & Barnes is the only company authorized by GENTEX® to distribute the SPH-5, HGU-56, and HGU-84 aircraft helmets here in the United States. At Gibson & Barnes we also assemble the HGU-33, HGU-55 and HGU-68 jet fighter helmets from brand new GENTEX® pilot helmet parts. All of the products used for our flight deck helmet or aviation helmets are brand new and are not used or surplus.

Learn more about our line of GENTEX® Helmets: Helicopter Helmets | Fixed Wing Pilot Helmets | Custom Pilot Helmets | Helmet Repair & Refurbishment

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